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Flex connections - Compensators


Flex is continuous flexible elements often used in pipesystems, drain or as connection to exstern connections. They are flexsible opposite pressure- and variation of temperature plus resistant to different chemicals, depending of task.
Flex are used by all kinds of industry, e.g. Windmill industry, offshore og ventilation.
Flex are produced in many shapes and designs, but are normally produced by task. Data, movement and dimension of equipment are decisive for what kind of flex to choose between for the the component parts. Flex are produced in choosen materials that can withstand temperature
from -30° to about +1000°
Schanflex has true time, a great nowhow about manufacturing of Flex and have produced flex for e.g. Cimbria A/S and JKF Industri A/S.
So do You have any needs for flex in Your company, dont hasitate to contact us about the possibility with these flex connections.