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Clean cabins for Preparedness Agency

Cleaning- and showercabins are produced for cleaning of personel, who have been in touch with chemical- contamination, or other kinds of environmental protection. Cleaning- and showercabins has an integrated sprinklersystem, there are no extra parts that must be mount. The cabins are inflated with help of compressed air bottle from fireman equipment or with air pump connected to injection valves.
The injection valves are disignet to max. 300 bar.
Size of the cabin in inflated condition: 2000 x 2000 x 2400 ( L x W x H )
The cabin is build in segments, so if any damages should occur, would it be easy to fix.
Inflation of the cabin takes under 3 min. Integrated sprinklersystem with 13 jets, all easy to replace, depending of the flow quantity. built-in hand shower for manual cleaning.
Extremely effective cleaning of environmental protection and for freeze down burns.
The hand shower has built-in eye rinse function.
The cabin is very stable after inflation, it can be moved in inflated condition.
"Doors” in two sides, windows in the opposite sides.
Easy to replace damage elements.
Easy and quickly emptying with pump.
Can be delivered without sprinklersystem for use as sanitarycabin.
Fold up in a Transportation cape it dont take up much space.
Size is about 800 x 600 x 400 mm
Weight about 38 kg.